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SELF is a non-stock, non-government organization dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from substance abuse and other Attitude Disorders. Since its inception in 1992, it has provided residential treatment and rehabilitation services to more than 700 troubled men and women of varied ages who have been diagnosed with substance and non-substance dependencies. Of those who have completed the program, 85% are living sober and productive lives.

The main treatment and rehabilitation approach used by SELF is called the Therapeutic Community (TC). Developed more than 50 years ago, the TC is one of the most effective behavior modification programs in the world. It is founded on the Enlightenment Model of recovery where individuals living together empower each other to heal their addiction through insights derived from group processes and Learning Experiences.

The SELF TC program utilizes a highly structured environment built around a well-defined Chain of Command. Through a rigid schedule of daily activities, residents are closely monitored, evaluated and promoted according to their attitudinal development.

The SELF TC operates around a complex system of different Tools of the House that encourages the residents to effect changes in their behavior. Seminars and workshops are provided to further encourage them to take a positive view of life in general.

In 2004, SELF improved its program by implementing a Dual Approach Program of Behavior Modification complemented by Clinical Intervention. Since then, incidents of relapse, particularly from clients with multiple disorders, have been remarkably reduced.

Through its Therapeutic Community (TC) approach, SELF not only rehabilitates its clients but works towards developing their talents and potentials so that they become empowered members of society.  Over the years, SELF has evolved from being a center that merely provides recovery to an institution that is concerned with improving the quality of life after treatment. SELF goes Beyond Rehabilitation to ensure that each client gains a chance to reinvent themselves”. Through an undergraduate program called the SPIP, residents may opt to be further trained to perform with excellence and Pride in Quality.

Recent training efforts to maximize the potentials of its young residents have resulted very favorably. In the batches of 2004 through 2009, all the graduates that went back to school after treatment were able to attain academic excellence. More than 70% of them earned themselves a spot in the Dean’s List of various prestigious colleges and universities.

SELF has been at the forefront in developing rehab technology in Asia. It has pioneered unique methods of intervention which have gained acceptance in the industry both in the Philippines and parts of Asia. Today, after years of developing its own, SELF is ready to teach the method of the TC and has launched a TC Training program for practitioners of the approach.

The hallmark of SELF's Therapeutic Community approach is its insistence that the entire family participate in the healing process. Toward this end, a monthly Family Association Meeting (FAM) is held to provide seminars on the TC, recovery from dependency and co-dependency. Family Therapy sessions are also conducted regularly to heighten awareness and initiate the healing process.

While most graduates reintegrate to society through employment or school, a few may avail of job opportunities offered by SELF and can be trained to be a staff. Either way, all graduates of the program enjoy the support of the lifetime Aftercare service.

SELF Enhancement for Life Foundation, Inc. (SELF)
805 Primeland Bldg., Market Street, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1780 Philippines

Tel.no.: (+63)(2)809-3491
Fax no.: (+63)(2)809-7235
Cel. no.: (+63) 928-552-5656
E-mail: selfoundationinc@gmail.com

Taal View House Facility
Barangay Miranda,Talisay, Batangas Philippines
Tel.no. : (+63)(43) 773-0354

A Dual Approach Therapeutic Community Program for the Treatment of Drug Abuse and other Attitude Disorders

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Philippine Department of Health

World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC)
Asian Federation of Therapeutic Communities (AFTC)
Philippine Federation of Therapeutic Communities (PFTC)
Philippine Council of Non-government Organizations Against Drug and Substance Abuse (PHILCADSA)

SELF - 20 Years as a healing community
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