Honoring our founder’s achievements

Every June, the SELF Family celebrates the sober anniversary and birthday of our Founder and President Martin Infante.

This year, we marked his 25th Sober Year and 62nd birthday on June 25 with a flurry of activities, which culminated in a grand musical presentation.

The celebration started with a catered lunch buffet for everyone.

Martin hosted his special guests in the conference room while FAM members got the opportunity to dine in the very venues where their residents go about their daily affairs — the Dance Studio, the Audio-Visual Room, and the Multi-Purpose Hall.

Lunch was followed by the blessing of the new and refurbished facilities that were completed in time for the festivities.

With Fr. Bert Cabrera of the San Guillermo Parish Church in Talisay town officiating, Martin led the blessing entourage to the Guest Lounge, the Admin & Media office, and the Upper House Cafeteria.

Everyone wounds up in the Sacred Heart Auditorium for Holy Mass.

After a short break, the program proper began with welcome remarks by Board Vice President Peter Stevens who expressed admiration for Martin’s relentless pursuit of SELF’s mission.

Then a procession of official greetings followed:

First up were the Tres Marias of the Family Association ­— Margie Stevens, Fely Burgi and Cookie Guerrero — who together first immersed in the SELF TC. They gave heartfelt thanks to Martin for standing by them during their most trying times.

Department of Health Program Manager Dr. Jasmin Peralta then congratulated Martin on his 25-year achievement and assured him the department’s continued support.

Clinical Supervisor Sharif Hamid of the Kasih Mulia Foundation in Indonesia followed. He said he had always admired Martin as a man of integrity and commended him for his many achievements.

Lastly, Samaritan-Daytop Director Aloysius Joseph of New York acknowledged Martin as an outstanding leader of the TC movement.

After the greetings, Peter Stevens and Board Consultant Boch Pavia presented Martin with a Plaque of Achievement on behalf of the SELF Family.

Then Reverend Bodhi Thero, President and Founder of Mithuru Mithuro Movement TC in Sri Lanka intoned a special Buddhist blessing for the celebrant.

After a photo op and another brief intermission, it was time for the afternoon’s main event — a musical tribute entitled Martin’s Sobriety Report Card, produced by SELF and directed by the legendary Fritz Ynfante. (See related story).

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