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Family Testimonies

“This graduation is a very different one because our loved ones are graduating from the best school there is. This is the ‘School of Life’—where lessons are learned the hard and painful way; where values are ingrained and planted on fertile ground; where character is defined and strengthened; where self-worth and dignity is restored; and where discipline is acquired through constant practice and learning. All these, I dare say, could rival a masters or even a doctorate degree from any prestigious university.”

– Gigi Reyes

“In one of the FAM meetings early this year, Martin gave a seminar on the Continuum of Care, a post-treatment program offered by SELF for those in Aftercare. He stressed the importance of establishing the principles governing this approach in the home setting. I liked the fact that the program was to be established in consonance with the resident, his family and the SELF program… It’s only been a few months since we got it going but we’re quite happy with the results thus far.”

– Richard Groscost Sr.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I, too, would have to confront myself. I never thought I would have to question my own authenticity. As I continue to undergo this process of self-confrontation, it’s quite strange that the very person whom I had committed to rehab so many months ago has become my facilitator. The tables have definitely been turned and it is now my turn to look into my co-dependent self.”

– Baby Balinghasay

“As I continued to attend the FAM, little did I realize God was using the community as a method to change the negative patterns of my thinking and behavior through the group sessions we have during the meetings… I believe my son and I ‘have become like a portent to many’ (Psalm 71:7) Just as SELF has become a portent to many.”

– Jose Aliling

“The kindness and the understanding of the people at SELF have given the word ‘quality’ a clearer meaning. It is something you see every day and in every way. The quality of life my son has been experiencing is giving him the chance for change.”

– Cookie Guerrero