A just and equal society composed of families that nurture their members to become human beings with fully developed potentials – aware of their needs, accepting of their boundaries, duties and responsibilities, leading meaningful and God-centered lives, free of substance and non-substance dependencies, exercising their freedom of choice and interacting with one another based on universal values and principles.


  1. Treatment and Rehabilitation of substance dependents and other dysfunctional individuals through a center utilizing the Therapeutic Community approach.
  2. Education and advocacy through activities that will heighten public awareness and knowledge about the causes, manifestations, and effects of substance and non-substance dependencies.
  3. Role-modeling of personal sobriety through the individual and collective conduct of residents and staff.
  4. Inspiration of a nurturing family environment that inculcates a value-based and principle-centered lifestyle.

Core Values

  1. The SELF approach is anchored on two major belief systems:
  2. We believe in the goodness of mankind—that every man and woman is created under the image and likeness of God. Throughout the behavior modification process, we may detest the “attitude” but never the person.
  3. We believe that in mankind’s journey of growth, one must first integrate with ONESELF, then with OTHERS, and ultimately with GOD.

SELF operates a developmental learning environment that is “STRICT YET CARING”. Strict yet caringAll rules, policies, practices and traditions must pass a Three-Way Test and conform to being:

respectful,logical and practical