Natural Language Processing NLP: What Is It & How Does it Work?

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These are annotated as separate attributes, commonly consisting of an attribute term as part of a concept. These attributes are identified based on marker terms identified in the language. InterSystems NLP language models contain a variety of language-specific negation words and structures. In our current implementation we use ten ontologies but the framework can be extended [...]

What is machine learning? Definition, types, and examples SAP Insights

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If you’re using machine learning to make hiring decisions, it would be good to have a model that is simple, fair, and transparent. If you’re using machine learning to forecast the prices of commodity futures contracts, you may care less about those values and more about the maximum potential financial loss allowed for any decision that [...]

The Rise of AI Chatbots in Healthcare: A Comparison of ChatGPT and Physicians in Responding to Patient Questions

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In clinics, hospitals, and medical facilities, one can always have unwanted and inappropriate experiences. Everyone around the world is pressing on making the UI/UX design as simplistic as possible. Moreover, they don’t go for loo breaks and don’t leave for lunch or dinner and hence, serve continuously. What are medical chatbots? Medical chatbots are AI-powered conversational [...]

AI Chatbots in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Patient Engagement and Communication

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Through a simple conversational virtual assistant, patient feedback can help you understand patient behavior towards your services and help you improve accordingly. According to 70% of consumers, they prefer using chatbots for easier support queries. This helps the medical team in keeping track of patient visits and follow-up appointments. AI chatbots in the healthcare sector can [...]

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