A home where values are regained.

The SELF Therapeutic Community (TC) provides a comprehensive behavior shaping and value formation program complemented with clinical therapy that promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. There are three stages of development: Treatment, Rehabilitation and Continuing Care. In the Treatment Stage there are two phases, Induction and Primary. In the Rehabilitative Stage there are also two phases, Pre-Reentry and Reentry. In the Continuing Care Stage, there is the Aftercare Phase.

Full Term Program | 18 months
The Full Term Program is a comprehensive residential program for persons deeply mired in substance abuse as well as chronic relapsers who need long term intervention. It is also for individuals assessed with Co-Occurring Disorders that require extensive psychiatric intervention and those whose deviant behaviors pose a threat to themselves and others. It is a full course Therapeutic Community program that aims to restore the lost values of residents and make them sober and productive members of society. A Family Empowerment Program to promote family healing and successful reintegration is an integral element.

3-Stage, 5-Phase TC Program