Performing Arts

The SELF Performance Arts Program involves the production of stage presentations that range from choir singing, dancing and acting with the highest standard of quality possible. It also involves total production management which include script writing, composing and arranging music, choregraphing, designing costumes, creating stage sets and props, and handling lights and sounds. By engaging residents in such activities, SELF develops their confidence and self-esteem and, at the same time, promotes the value of “giving of oneself”. To this end, music and acting workshops are conducted by professionals. All told, the Performing Arts Program helps residents discover their inherent talents and potentials and provides an experience where they can feel genuine pride as each does their part of the whole in achieving a challenging feat. The shows have become a joyful engagement where families witness their loved ones shine as they break free from their inhibitions and self-limiting behaviors.

Caroling Roadshow

fallen angelCaroling RoadshowChristmas can be a rather bleak period in rehabs as residents are bound to experience bouts of loneliness as they miss the warmth and joy of being with their families. Right from the start SELF made it a point to address this defocusing situation. The solution — Caroling. In the early years, the SELF Family went from house to house singing Christmas carols in nearby areas accompanied by guitars and a portable piano. Over the years, this activity grew into a Yuletide tradition with residents forming a choir and singing in three part harmony. From 1998 to 2003, to help raise funds, SELF presented six caroling presentations entitled “One More Merry Christmas” at the Philamlife Theatre. Families got to share Christmas with them in this unique way. Eventually, the annual Christmas tradition took on a new form — a full blown musical dubbed The Caroling Roadshow where the SELF Family transported props, lights, sounds and even a portable stage set to homes of SELF Family members and friends. The Roadshow was even presented at the Christmas Party of the Philippine Senate.

caroling roadshow

Stage Presentations

stage presentationstage presentationWhenever SELF celebrates a significant occasion in the facility, it never fails to produce a stage performance for its honored guests. Over the years it has become SELF’s signature. In 2007, it started staging musical variety shows dubbed Showtime in the facility quadrangle. Since then more such shows were produced for Anniversaries and Graduations. With its newly constructed Sacred Heart Auditorium, SELF embarked on bolder presentations. In 2014, it took another major step with the production of Broadway-style musicals by famed Director Fritz Ynfante. The next three years saw the production of The Magic of Christmas, Seasons of Love, and A World of Pure Imagination. In 2017, on its 25th Anniversary, SELF took a further step in stage productions and chose to go back to its roots by producing a totally homegrown musical entitled The Return of One More Merry Christmas directed by the founder’s daughter Inez Infante in her directorial debut. It was one of the most brilliant productions SELF ever made.

stage presentation

Salsa Dancing

salsasalsaWhy Salsa? SELF believes that life in recovery need not be boring. On the contrary it should be fun and exciting. SELF Founder Martin Infante took up Salsa with his wife Joy in 1998. He was so enamored by the dance art that he went on to become an instructor and even formed a dance group that performed at the 1st Philippine International Salsa Congress. He brought this passion to SELF and regularly holds Salsa classes for residents and staff. Salsa has become one of the featured presentations during celebrations in SELF. A particularly memorable event is the 3rd Asian Recovery Symposium in November 2008 at the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City where the SELF Salsa Society received a thunderous applause from hundreds of international delegates.