practicumSELF offers Practicum to students of psychology, social work and nursing who want to experience the clinical practice of their chosen field in a treatment and rehabilitation setting. These interns participate in most facets of the program and are exposed to the clinical and program protocols of SELF’s Behavior Modification approach. Their tasks include sitting in group therapy sessions, panel assessments, and case discussions. They are also made to experience the organizational disciplines of accomplishing process recording sheets and maintaining case files. An assigned training mentor conducts regular debrief sessions to aid in synthesizing insights from the daily activities. Since 2015 SELF has become a favorite venue to study the dynamics of human behavior. Over 100 students from various institutions including Hong Kong Adventist, Letran, Southville International, FAITH, St. Francis Seminary and De La Salle have benefited from this program.


Student Testimonials

The personal testimonies of the residents opened our eyes to the realities of dependency and even provided us with life lessons that helped us understand ourselves better. I was surprised to have learned so much in such a short time. We are thankful for the opportunity to do our practicum in SELF Our stay has indeed been the best experience we ever had as psychology students — definitely one we will never forget.


I feel gratified, not only for fulfilling the requirements of my course, but for having understood more about my own self. When we interacted with the residents, it was such an enlightening experience. I considered this the highlight of my stay because I got out of my comfort zone and discovered things about myself which I never knew before. Here, I learned things not commonly taught in school or found in books.

ERICA MANAIG, Letran Calamba

In the 18 days I spent at SELF, I participated in numerous group therapy sessions and resident interviews. During those sessions, I reflected on certain aspects of my own life and realized that I was not alone in being consumed by core issues that were complicated by thinking errors and insecurities. Despite being here only a short time, this community helped me begin my healing process.

GIA GONZALEZ, Hong Kong Adventist
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