Sports and Wellness

SELF employs a total well-being approach. An important component of the program is physical fitness. Following the general schedule of activities, residents engage in sports activities in the weekend. Over and above this however, SELF mandates that every Tuesdays and Thursdays, the entire community must participate in either one of the available sports and wellness activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton or gym for those in early recovery in the Primary Program. Senior and Upper House residents in good standing are allowed to choose to join the Biking, Walking or Running clubs that partake in the activity outside of the facility.


soberlympics logoIn 2005 Taal View House held its first Soberlympics™ event. What began as an intramural sports competition to celebrate SELF’s founding anniversary has turned into an Olympic-like event involving the entire SELF community. Typically, the SELF Family is divided into four color teams that compete with each other in basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess and scrabble. Elimination rounds are scheduled every week and, on the day of the SELF Anniversary, the championship matches are played. Much like the Olympics, the event starts with a motorcade and parade of colors with the four teams marching down to the quadrangle in colored uniforms, each with their own muse. The opening ceremony features the lighting of “the torch of sobriety” after which the games are declared open. Cheering competitions kick off the festivities followed by the championship games. The celebration ends with a fellowship dinner where trophies are awarded to the winners.


soberlympics sports

Mountain Biking

smbcThe SELF Mountain Bike Club (SMBC) was formed in March 2011. It began as a new hobby of Founder Martin Infante and his son Aldo. Soon, members of the community including residents who earned the privilege got interested and started to join the weekly rides. The club ensures a progressive exposure to the different skill levels of mountain biking. Members have to pass several levels of training before they are allowed to ride the more rigorous and technical trails. Besides learning how to ride properly, they are also trained in the rudiments of managing club operations and finances. The SMBC initially received a donation of five mountain bikes from a FAM member. Over time, the club has been able to acquire seven more. In 2013 another FAM member donated a bike trailer to transport these bikes to the trail sites. Over the last seven years, Aldo has led the SMBC in exploring numerous scenic road and trail sites in the countryside. Mountain biking has become a way of life for a growing number of residents. In all, more than 100 have gotten up on two wheels and tried the joys of pedal pushing.


Walking and Running

walking clubWalking is one of the wellness activities that SELF offers to residents. In 2012, a Walking Club was established and residents and staff would trek uphill to a nearby falls or down to the town proper. In 2016, running was included in the club’s activity paving the way for the birth of the SELF Walking and Running Club (SWRC). With this, new locations such as arena ovals were added making the walking and jogging more enjoyable and challenging. In the same year, the club also ran “LOSE TO WIN” — a structured, high intensity program to help overweight residents. Since then, two cycles have been completed. All told, the SWRC promotes the holistic approach SELF espouses.